The Škoda 430 was the smaller sister model to the Škoda 4 R. The car was introduced in 1929 with various bodies styles available.

The cars were fitted with a water-cooled, side-valve four-cylinder four-stroke engine that had a displacement of 1661cc and a power output of 30hp (22 kW).  The cars had a top speed of 80 km/h. The chassis of the car consisted of riveted steel U-profiles.

In 1930 was the model 430 D was introduced. It had the same engine but displacement was expanded to 1802cc and this increased the top speed to 32 hp (23.5 kW). The top speed increased to 90 km/h.

From 1934 the engine of the 430 D model produced ​​38 hp (28 kW), the speed of the car increased to 95 km/h.

3028 Škoda 430 cars were produced in the years 1928-1932. Only 651 Škoda 430 Ds were produced between 1930-1936.