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Škoda Rapid

The Škoda Rapid was a coupe designed and built by Škoda in Czechoslovakia between 1984 and 1990. Based on the Škoda 130/135/136 sedan, it was a replacement for the Škoda Garde coupe built between 1981 and 1984 itself based upon the Škoda 105/120 sedan design. Some Garde/Rapid cars were sent to Ludgate Designs in Kent, United Kingdom, by Škoda to be converted into convertibles.

Although the Škoda sedans had a poor reputation for build quality and handling throughout western Europe at the time the Rapid was significant for bucking this trend being described as "the poor mans Porsche" following from Auto Car and Motor magazine being quoted as saying the Škoda Rapid "handles like a Porsche".

Today the Škoda Rapid is gaining in popularity as a classic car with Garde and convertible models being most sought after. According to the website "How Many Left?", there were a total of 50 Škoda Rapids left on British roads in 2011.