1940 Chevrolet 1/2 ton Pickup

The 1940 Chevrolet half-ton Pickup truck saw a larger nameplate, sealed beam headlights, parking lights on front fender tops, a windshield that could be opened slightly for cab ventilation, decorative metal strips on the dash and a slightly larger pickup bed. Chevrolet produced 194,038 pickups in 1940.

The 1940 Chevrolet pickups were driven by a cast iron, six-cylinder, inline, normally aspirated, liquid-cooled engine developing 78hp from its 215.5 cubic inch displacement and single-barrel carburettor. This was the only engine available in these light trucks. The front-mounted engine drove the rear wheels through a three-speed manual transmission a single-dry-plate clutch.

The front axle and the live rear drive axle hung from longitudinal semi-elliptic steel leaf-springs attached to a steel ladder frame. Single-acting hydraulic shock absorbers were installed at each wheel. The trucks had a torsion-bar front stabilizer that bolted to the front springs. The pickups used a semi-floating spiral hypoid rear axle. The 1940 Chevy pickups had four-wheel manual hydraulic 11-inch drum brakes and worm-and-sector manual steering. They had a six-volt negative-ground electrical system.

The half-ton pickup had a 113-inch wheelbase, was 195.25 inches long and weighed 2,980 lbs. The half-ton had a 78-inch bed and a 16-gallon fuel tank. The trucks came with a tool kit, jack with handle and a hammer.