1969 ADD Nova

The ADD Nova is a kit car produced in the 70's.

The car was styled by Richard Oakes with engineering by Phil Sayers. The two seater Nova with its dramatically opening roof/door canopy combines basic ideas of the Ford GT40 and Lamborghini Miura in a fiberglass shell on a VW Beetle chassis and mechanicals.

Licensed version of the Nova have been built in Austria as the Ledl, in Australia as the Purvis Eureka, in France as the Défi, in Italy as the Totem and Puma, in New Zealand as the Scorpion, in South Africa as the Eagle, in Switzerland as the Gryff, in the United States as the Sterling and Sovran and in Zimbabwe as the Tarantula. There have also been numerous un-licensed copies. Some versions featured pop-up head lamps and gull-wing doors, but the basic silhouette remained the same.