AMC Vixen

AMC Vixen -

The AMC Vixen was a concept car from 1965. It was the work of designer Dick Teague, loosely previewing the 1970 AMC Hornet production car.

The Vixen is a sporty, semi-fastback adaptation of the Cavalier design principle.

The long hood and short deck proportions of the Vixen follow the basic “envelope” design concept, with the blending of the upper and lower body forms to complete the one-unit shape.

The sports grill design incorporates a “quad-Venturi” look with deeply recessed rectangular headlights contained within an outer perimeter to give the front end an appearance of boldness and individuality.

The sleek hood displays a functional air-intake “blister” to further promote the Vixen’s sports-car look.

The landau-type roof has a series of canted vents on the rear portion. The vents are angled at 45 degrees for see-through visibility when parking or backing up. A sliding glass quarter window under the surface-mounted vents permit flow-through ventilation when desired.

The Vixen’s deeply recessed rear window is concave and non-reflective. Its unique shape and positioning make it appear invisible from inside or outside the car.

Non-glare black paint in the trunk area maintains the low light refraction of the concave window to add to the illusion of invisibility. The balance of the car is finished in bright, sun-yellow paint.

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