Etype front

A Jaguar E-Type like the one Mark fully restores

A Car is Reborn is a television series following the progress of Mark Evans as the completes a full restore of a Jaguar E-Type which he finds on a farm. There are 15 episodes in the series which follow him over a period of 6 months.

In the first episode, Mark is at the International Car Show at the NEC in Birmingham. He encounters a lot of classic cars from an 'Allegro' to a Ferrari Dino. The garage that Mark is working in is also full of classic cars.

When Mark finds the E-type it is covered in vegetation and has been sitting still under a tarpauling for years. It's original colour was white but he gets it resprayed to be that classic bright red.

It takes him a total of 6 months of hard graft and £80,000 to restore the car back to showroom condition.

Racing Classics

During the program, Ian Forrest take a few classic cars around the Knockhill Track. These include:

  1. MG MGB
  2. Triumph Stag
  3. Austin-Healey 3000
  4. Ford Cortina (Mark 1 Lotus)
  5. TVR Griffith
  6. Triumph TR3
  7. Lotus Elan
  8. Hillman Singer
  9. Ford Capri
  10. Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

Pristine Classics

During the program, Mark introduces a pristine classic show car. These include:

  1. MG L-Type
  2. Ford Cortina
  3. Jaguar E-Type
  4. Triumph Stag
  5. Jensen 541S
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