Abarth 205A Berlinetta

Abarth 205A Berlinetta -

The Abarth 205A Berlinetta was a limited production car built between 1950 and 1951.

Only three 205A Berlinettas were built by Abarth, they were designed at Vignale by Giovanni Michelotti. This was the first street car built by Karl Abarth after the Cisitalia-Abarth 204. This car followed the decision to build a Gran Turismo Berlinetta for a wealthy client. For this project a brand new chassis was built along with the aluminium coach. The 205-101 had a heavily tuned dry sump Fiat 1100B engine with a Cisitalia head, two Weber 32 DR SP carburetors and a Magneti Marelli MVE4 magneto. This engine was said to produce around 80 hp.

The three examples made had chassis numbers 205-101/102/103. The first one was completed in March 1950, then joined the Coppa Intereuropa on 23 march 1950. The 205-101 arrived ended the race 1st in 1100 class, driven by Guido Scagliarini (co-owner of Abarth & Co.). Abarth wanted this car to join the 1950 Mille Miglia as well, so it was provided with aerodynamics adjustments before the start of the race start. Those changes were made by Giuseppe Manera, an Abarth coachbuilder.

However, the car arrived fifth overall, behind an Alfa Romeo 2500 Sperimentale and three 2000cc Ferrari. This was a great result for a debut.

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