The Albion CX3 was a 7.25 ton lorry made between 1937 and 1939 and the again between 1944 and 1949.

The CX3 shared the same frame as the CX1, but had reduced maximum load space behind the driver's cab because of longer six cylinder engine. There was a choice of EN242, EN243, EN245 or Gardner 5/6LW engines. Ironically, due to the smaller engines, the CX1 could carry an extra 250 kg payload due to the lighter engine in an otherwise identical chassis, although the CX3 could tow a trailer.

KP engined concept

In 1952 some time after the CX range had been discontinued, a CX3 was fitted with a KP engine. The type designation is not known, but KP3 would have been an appropriate model name, as it was based on a CX3 chassis.

It joined the Albion transport fleet where it also was engaged in long distance haulage as well as local work. What happened to it is not known, but it was certainly gone from Scotstoun by 1955, perhaps finishing its days at some far flung Albion depot.