The Clydesdale was a bus made by Albion between 1959 and 1978.

The Clydesdale was a bus built on a truck chassis. The CD23 NW had a 17ft 6in wheelbase and the CD23LW had a wheelbase of 19ft 1in. Both models were powered by the 0/375 Leyland engine which was mounted vertically at the front of the chassis and driving though a five or six speed manual gearbox.

Towards the end of 1960 the CD23A with a Leyland 0.400 engine replaced the original model and in 1962 the CD25 was introduced with a set-back front axle allowing a front entrance. Further refinements brought the CD27 (which had a pneumocyclic gearbox) and the CD29 (with a 0.600 engine and a pneumocyclic gearbox).

The Clydesdale was sold primarily to East African operators and continued in production throughout the 1970s. In its final form it was offered only as the ECD23 with the 140bhp Leyland 402 engine and Albion five-speed synchromesh gearbox.