The Valiant was a bus made by Albion between 1931 and 1936.

In late 1931 the PV70 was introduced with a 6.03 litresix cylinder petrol engine. The engine was capable to produce 85bhp. This Valiant was a forward-control chassis with a 17ft 4in wheelbase and was designed to carry 36-seat bodywork.

It was bigger than the Viking Six and more powerful than the Valkyrie.

In 1935, a change of engine produced the PV71. This had the 7.8 litre engine which was fitted the Valkyrie 141. The PV71 also had the option of a Gardner 5LW engine.

The Valiant was dropped in 1936 after the success of the Valkyrie models.

Most Valiants were sold to the coach market.