The Valkyrie was a bus made by Albion between 1930 and 1938.

Towards the end of 1930, the PX65 was announced. This was a forward-control chassis with a 16ft 3in wheelbase. It was fitted with a 5 litre, four cylinder engine which produced 60bhp.

The bus was designed to carry a 32 seat bodywork and given the name Valkyrie. In 1931 the PW65 was introduced. It had a 17ft 8in wheelbase and could carry 36 seated passengers.

A 6.1 litre four cylinder engine was available from 1933 in the PW67 which replaced the 65 series models. In 1934, the 39 seat PW69 was announced.

At the time, there was a lot of interest in diesel engines and so the Valkyries were available with either Albion, Beardmore or Gardner oil engines if the operated requested them. The prefix SP is usually used to indicate an oil engined chassis.

New Valkyries appeared in 1935, named the PW141 retained the 80bhp engine which it shared with its predecessors. The PV141 had an optional 7.8 litre six cylinder engine.

Albion continued to list petrol engines as standard when most other manufacturers were turning to diesel.

Most Valkyries were sold as coaches.