The Valkyrie CX was a bus made by Albion between 1937 and 1950.

The CX models had the engine and gearbox mounted as a single unit. There were three new Valkyries. The CX9 had a 6.1 litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The CX11 had a Gardner's 7.0 litre 5LW oil engine. The CW13 had a new 9.1 litre six cylinder petrol engine, with the 8.4 litre Gardner 6LW as an option.

An Albionoil engine was soon developed from the petrol engine and this was soon available in the CX9. This had excellent fuel consumption, one test reported 15.7mpg. The Gardner 4LW was also fitted to the CX9.

Valkyrie production was halted by the Second World War and production continued in 1945 with the CX9 and CX13 having diesel engines as standard and petrol engines as an option. The CX9 now had a 6.6 litre four-cylinder unit and the CX13 had the 9.1 litre Albion diesel. Both had a 17ft 7in wheelbase.

Production ceased in 1950.