The Venturer was a double-decker bus built by Albion between 1932 and 1939. The Venturer was Albion's first double-deck bus chassis.

The Model 80 was announced at the end of 1932. It had a 16ft 3in wheelbase and a 6.85 litre six cylinder petrol engine. A Gardner oil engine was available as an option. In 1933 it was offered with a 6.98 litre petrol engine.

The early Venturers could hold up to 51 seats. The later Venturer 81 (launched in 1936) could accommodate 55 seats and came with a Gardner 6LW oil engine as standard. The Albion 7.8 litre petrol engine (which produced 103bhp) was available as an option.

Albion's six-wheel double-deck chassis was given a new name, the Valorous 85. Only one was ever built using the 7.8 litre EN85 engine.