The Venturer CX was a double-decker bus made by Albion between 1937 and 1951.

The Venturer CX19 was announced in 1937. The CX19 had an Albion 9.1 litre oil engine as standard with the Gardner's 6LW oil or Albion petrol engines available as options.

Production of the CX19 recommenced after the Second World War. In 1947 it was superseded by the CX37 which had a 9.9 litre Albion diesel engine producing 120 bhp, compared to the 105 bhp of the smaller engine used in the CX19.

The last petrol-engined Venturers were built in 1948 for South African Railways and were the last petrol-engined double-deckers built in Britain.

The last CX37 chassis built was in 1951 before the takeover by Leyland.