The Victor FT was a single decker but built by Albion between 1947 and 1959.

The Victor name was revived in 1947 for a model similar in spirit but different in concept from its prewar namesake.

The FT series Victor was still a lightweight chassis but it had a straight frame to enable it to cope with poor roads on export markets. Many Victors saw service in rural parts of Africa.

The first model, the FT3AB had a 4.26 litre Albion six cylinder petrol engine that produced 80bhp. In 1948 it was joined by the FT39 which had a four cylinder 4.88 litre Albion diesel engine which produced 75bhp. The FT3AB was withdrawn in 1951.

In the following year, the FT39AN (with a 16ft wheelbase) and the FT39AL (with a 16ft 6in wheelbase) were introduced and were the only passenger chassis available from Albion.

The EN287 5.48 litre four cylinder diesel engine was fitted to the Victor models in 1956. They became the FT39KAN and the FT39KAL. By this time virtually all Victors were exported.

The FT range of Victors was replaced by the VT range in 1959.