The Victor VT was a bus made by Albion between 1959 and 1966.

A new range of front-engined Victors appeared in 1959. The VT15 was fitted with the 5.48 litre four cylinder diesel engine used in the FT39 but in a modified form known as the EN289.

The VT17 had a vertical Leyland 0.350 six-cylinder unit. Two wheelbases were available, a 15ft 6in one known as the N and a 17ft 3in on known as the L. Minor engineering changes saw the VT15A and VT17A being introduced in 1960.

When the 0.370 engine was installed in the Victor in 1962 it became the VT17B. These were aimed primarily at the export market.

An attempt to regain lost home market sales and to cover a gap in Leyland's range by introducing the VT21L in 1962. This had a 17ft 8.5in wheelbase and an 0.370 engine. It was not a success as the market was dominated by Bedford.

Production of the Victor VT ceased in 1966.