The Viking VK was a bus made by Albion between 1963 and 1983.

The VK41 was introduced in 1963, this had a 16ft 1in wheelbase with a set back front axle and a Leyland 0.370 engine, mounted vertically at the front of the frame.

In general layout it anticipated the Bedford VAM and Ford R series. Very few front engined Vikings were sold on the home market but the model sold well in may traditional Albion markets overseas, including the far east and parts of Africa. Over the years a variety of Vikings have come and gone.

The VK55 had a 401 engine and full airbrakes (the VK41 had air hydraulic brakes). Short and long Vk55s were built ranging from the 12ft 5in wheelbase EVK55CU to the 20ft VK55CUL.

The VK43 appeared in the summer of 1965 and turned the Viking concept back to front, it had a vertically mounted 400 engine at the rear. It retained a straight frame and a 16ft 2in wheelbase. Home market models were sold primarily to the Scottish Bus Group but, as with the front-engined Viking, exports sales were significant and the VK43 developed into the VK45 with tropical cooling, the VKK49 with a pneumocyclic gearbox. The VK57 with Turner gearbox and the VK67 with full air braking.