1983 Bertone Alfa-Romeo Delfino 13

Alfa Romeo Delfino -

The Alfa Romeo Delfino was a concept car built by Bertone and revealed at the 1983 Geneva Motor Show.

It's presentation was evidence of the manufacturer's faith in the type of niche product it represented: the elegant-sporty coupé. The choice of Alfa 6 mechanics derived from the long, established Bertone-Alfa Romeo tradition, which had produced some brilliant results over the years: the Giulietta Sprint (1954), precursor to the modern GT, the Giulietta Sprint Speciale and the 2000/2600 Sprint Coupés spring to mind.

In designing the Delfino, Bertone deliberately chose to follow classic design criteria. The car was to interpret the revival of the GT concept, bearing the demands and expectations of European and American clientele in mind. Thus we have a two seater wîth front engine and rear traction, wîth proportions reflecting the traditional look of the original mechanics, and remarkably sober and modern lines. The ample window surfaces, original touches and fusion between glazing and panel, as well as the original styling of the boot, established new styling concepts for the sector. The frontal view recalls the characteristic elements of the Alfa Romeo image, given a decidedly 'Bertonian' interpretation.