The AF Mille and Mille F \ PD models were trolleybuses produced by Alfa Romeo from 1963 to 1964. They were the latest models of trolleybuses manufactured by Alfa Romeo.

The configuration of these trolleybuses was similar to that of the model of the Alfa Romeo Mille AU7. The last specimens were struck in 1984. These models have been used trolleybuses in Milan, La Spezia and Venice. A model silimar to the "Mille AF" and the "Mille F\PD" was the Aerfer Mille, that was used in Naples.

Body work and exemplary products

The versions produced of the ATM Milan were:

  • Mille F/PD-bodied SEAC TIBB : 20 units built in 1963.
  • Mille F/D bodied SEAC-CGE: 20 units built from 1963 to 1964.


The propulsion was supplied by motors TIBB GLM 1304c or CGE HP 1227 A, which erogavano a power, respectively, of 170 hp and 164 hp. Goodwill was automatic SACF for TIBB or MRA-E1 for CGE. The position of the steering wheel was on the right.