1956 Pininfarina Alfa-Romeo Superflow 01

Alfa Romeo Superflow I -

The Alfa Romeo Superflow was a concept car built in 1956 by Pininfarina. The car is based on an experimental 3-litre chassis, and has a Perspex roof tinted to avoid glare.

The doors are in two parts, with the upper portion opening gull wing fashion and the transparent top can be removed.

Body sides are shaped with longitudinal hollow panels, with small stabilizing fins above each rear wheel. The large front wheels are covered by transparent wings, starting from the head lamps and terminating at the front door hinge.

This construction is light, permits easy replacement and enables the driver to see his front wheels.

The vehicle represents a new approach to a very high-speed design, but it remains to be seen whether the body will look like this when and if the car is ever put into production.

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