The L Type was a four-seat tourer produced by Allard between 1946 and 1948.

191 L Type tourers were made and only 19 are known to still be in existence around the world.

The L Type used the V8 engine from the Ford Pilot. There was power and acceleration in abundance and the 'long' rear axle ratio of 3.6:1 used at first gave these tourers an easy gait up to a maximum of around 85 mph.

After the chassis (112 inches long) were built in South Hill Park, where after completion were towed across London to the Hilton Brothers' workshops in Fulham. This is where the hand-crafted, ash-framed, coachbuilt bodies were installed.

By the standards of the time the L Type provided roomy accommodation for four people in comfortable leather-trimmed seats. They were fully carpeted and the hood and removable sidescreens were practical and weatherproof, although a sports-type fold-flat windscreen was also provided.

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