Allard M2

Allard M2 Coupe

The M2 Coupe was a car manufactured by Allard between 1951 and 1952.

The Allard M2 is probably the least loved of all the Allard models, even the factory nicknamed it “The Whale”. The M2 was the follow up to the successful M coupe. The M2 debuted with a completely new front hood that featured the new A-style grill and a one-piece hood with integrated fenders. The whole front section tilted open via hydraulic jack to expose the engine compartment and spare tyre, the doors were rear hinged "suicide doors"

This design proved to be cumbersome and difficult to manufacture, later models were switched to a more conventional 2-piece design with a lift up bonnet. The M2 wasn’t very popular; seven were built and only one is known to exist.

The cars were fitted with either a Ford-Mercury 24-Stud or Cadillac Engine.

In 1953 Ray Neely, in the second M2 built (#2000) completed the infamous Redex Reliability Trial, a 6,500 mile long race across rugged Australia.

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