The M2X Coupe was a car manufactured by Allard between 1951 and 1952.

The M2X was quickly developed as the successor to the ill fated M2. First delivered in November 1951, just two months after the last M2 was delivered. The car was essentially the drophead coupe version of the new P1X. Both cars shared the bolt on front fenders, although the M2X had the new style “A” grill while the P1X continued with the traditional multi-bar waterfall grill. Both cars incorporated the new J2X style parallel axis axle beam front suspension. The benefit of the new front suspension layout was the engine could be moved forward, creating more leg room in the cockpit, the doors were rear hinged "suicide doors" like the M2.

The M2X was reasonably popular, with 25 cars being built between November 1951 and September 1952; only 4 M2X coupe’s are known to exist today.

The cars were fitted with either a Ford-Ardun, Cadillac or Lincoln Engines.

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