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The P2 was a car produced by Allard between 1949 and 1953. The P2 came in 2 models.

Allard P2 Safari[]

The Safari was an estate (station wagon) and used a Ford 3622cc engine. It cost £1,250 when new and weighed 3250 lb.

The car had a wheelbase of 112 in and a length of 192 in.

Only 10 P2 Safaris were built and only four are know to survive.

Allard P2 ‘Monte Carlo’[]

The Allard P2 ‘Monte Carlo’ was launched in celebration of Sydney Allard, Tom Lush and Guy Warburton winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1952 in an Allard P1.

The ‘Monte Carlo’ specification, included a short grill with a front valence to keep snow from blocking the radiator intake, ‘X’ suspension, a heater and de-mister. When fitted with Cadillac and Chrysler engines the P2 Monte Carlo’s performance was significantly improved over those examples fitted with the Ford flat head.

Only 11 'Monte Carlo's were built.

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