The Alpine A441 is a car racing built by the French manufacturer Alpine to compete in the European Championship for  2 Litre Sports Cars in 1974.


In 1973 , after having reaped many successes in rallying, Alpine decided to devote more effort to endurance racing, where it had been participating since 1963 and not yet obtained significant results. To help conquer the world of endurance racing, Alpine conceived in the A440. It was powered by a Renault-Gordini V6 2.0-litre engine that produced 270 hp. The car was immediately competitive.

For the following season, an evolution of the A440 was prepared. This car was fitted with a Hewland FGA400 gearbox and the engine was lightened by the use of magnesium and other alloys. The chassis was reinforced by aluminum sheets riveted to the tubular structure and the suspension was revised to alleviate the understeer which had plagued the previous vehicle. 

Christened the A441, only four cars were built and were entrusted to some of the best drivers that France could offer at that time. These included Gérard Larrousse, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Alain Serpaggi and Alain Cudini. In their hands, the Alpine-Renault won seven out of seven races and won the continental title.

In the following season, the car was entrusted to private teams and was piloted among others by Lella Lombardi.