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Alta 1100 Le-Mans Sport. by

The Alta 1100 was manufactured in 1931. Only 13 examples were made.

The Alta 1100 had a 4-cylinder 1075cc engine which produced 49hp in the standard model and 76hp in the supercharged model.

The engines also featured twin overhead camshafts.

The cars had a single-plate clutch and a four-speed gearbox.

The engine was made of aluminium and consisted of cast iron wet liners.

The supercharged version, had the supercharger fitted to the front of the engine feeding from a single SU carburettor.

The brakes were cable operated.

There was a choice of two or four-seater bodywork.

The cars are 8ft long and weigh approximately 1336lb (620kg).

The cars cost £350 for the two-seater and £425 for the supercharged version in 1933.