Alta 2ltr Sport (1935-39)

1938 Alta 2ltr Sport (1935-39) by R. Knight

The Alta 2 Litre was made between 1935 and 1939, only 6 examples were made in this time.

The cars had a 4 cylinder 1960cc engine. It was available in a supercharged form or just normally aspirated.

The supercharged engine was able to produce 160hp and the standard engine was able to produce 85hp.

The engines featured twin overhead camshafts and had a single plate clutch connected to a four speed gearbox.

The brakes were cable operated.

The cars are 8ft long, weigh 1707lb (775kg) and were able to get to a top speed of 120mph (193kmh).

The cars cost £750 when new in 1936.

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