The Alvis 14.75 was a car manufactured by Alvis between 1927 and 1929, 738 cars were made in this period.

The cars have a 6 cylinder 1871cc engine with overhead pushrods that was based on that of the Alvis 12/50. Some differences include the timing gear being at the rear of the engine which used a chain drive and the carburettors and manifolding were moved to the near-side. This allowed a simgle drive to be taken from the off-side of the timing gear for the dynamo, magento and water pump.

The cars feature a single plate clutch with a four speed gearbox.

Vibration dampers were added to the front end of the crankshaft to help prevent the development of torsional vibrations along its length.

The chassis hadn't changed much since the 12/50 either. The front cross member was not bolted to facilitate engine removal. The chassis was 9ft 41/2 in long. The cars weigh approximately 2800lb (1270kg).

The 14.75 was available as a pointed-tail two-seater for £695.

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