The Alvis 3.5 Litre was a car made by Alvis between 1935 and 1936. A total of 62 cars were manufactured.

The Alvis 3.5 Litre was built to compete with Lagonda and Bentley and so had a massive increase in engine capacity. The engine was a totally new design but was based on its predecessor with a bore of 83mm. This gave it a capacity of 3571cc. The crankshaft was given seven bearings.

There were no standard bodies offered initially but instead Alvis thought it should offer the bare chassis for cutomers to give to coachbuilders to custom make a body. Vanden Plas offered a four door tourer.

The suspension was composed of independent transverse leaf springs in the front and semi-elliptical in the rear.

The 6 cylinder 3571cc engine was able to produce 102hp. It had overhead valves controlled by pushrods. The car had a single-plate clutch and four-speed synchromesh gearbox. Although the wheelbase was huge at 10ft 7in long and the weight of the car was about 4032lb (1831kg) the car was able to reach speeds of 93mph (150kph).

The chassis cost £775 for the customer to fully customise.

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