The Firefly 12 was a car built by Alvis between 1933 and 1934.

The Firefly 12 was built to the same high standards as its more expensive counterparts. The car had all-round semi-elliptic leaf-sprung suspension, friction dampers and four-wheel 14in drum brakes. The car had a live axle.

Notably low-slung, it was based on a 'double-dropped' ladder frame chassis, having a 9ft 10.5in wheelbase and 4ft 4in track, the Firefly 12 was praised for it favourable ride and handling.

The Firefly 12 had a 1496cc OHV straight-four engine, essentially a four-cylinder version of that found in the Alvis Speed 20. The car came with a four-speed manual or ENV pre-selector transmission. The top speed was 75 mph.

Available with a choice of saloon, tourer or drophead coupe coachwork.

904 cars were built.

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