The Alvis Silver Eagle was manufactured between 1928 and 1931. A total of 1161 cars were made in this period.

The Silver Eagle is an upgraded Alvis 14.75. The cylinder bore was upgraded from 63mm to 67.5mm. This means that the capacity went up from 1870cc to 2148cc. Dual ignition was fitted wich allowed the car to start on the coil and run on the magneto.

A twin-carburettor setup was an option with the car but the general opinion at the time was that it did not increase the performance enough to be worth the money. The chassis was increased by 6in from the one on the 14.75 meaning the chassis was now 9ft 10in on the tourers and saloons (the sports bodied cars kept the 9ft 4in wheelbase).

The engine was able to produce 72hp and took the car up to a top speed of 85mph (137kmh). The clutch was a single plate and connected to a four-speed gearbox. The brakes were cable operated and the Silver Eagle has all round semi-elliptical suspension.

The Alvis Silver Eagle cost £595 in 1929.

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