The Amilcar CS was a small sports car produced from 1922 to 1925 by Amilcar.

The CS, along with the C4 and CC, was launched in 1922, marking the commercial debut of Amilcar. The CS maintained a closer kinship with the CC, while sharing chassis and mechanics with the C4. The CS also shared the sporting look with the CC.

The first CS cars produced in the first year were not called CS, but CV and were considered to be prototypes or transitions before the final model. The CV was equipped with an evolution of the 4-cylinder 903cc engine mounted on the CC.

The final model, the real CS was unveiled a year later, in October 1923 at the Motorshow in Paris. Compared to the CV, the CC received little to no change in mechanics. The CS was fitted with a 4-cylinder 1003cc engine, the same that powered the C4, but slightly revised to deliver a power output upto 25 hp. The maximum speed was about 100 km/h, a value made ​​possible by the lightweight car body of about 380-400 kg.

One of the special features of the CS was a foot pedal that turned the exhaust silencer with free exhaust, making the small car slightly more intimidating with a louder sounding motor sound.

The CS was produced in parallel with the CC, which also ceased production in 1925.

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