The Amilcar Type G was a medium-low ranged car produced from 1926 to 1927 by Amilcar

The Type G was introduced to replace the ill-fated Type L, having an identical chassis. The cars were fitted with a 4-speed transmission and the suspension was semi-elliptic leaf springs with shock absorbers on both axes. The engine was a similar 4-cylinder with a displacement volume of 1244cc, capable of delivering power up to 27 hp. Performance was also identical, the top speed was 100-110 km/h depending on the type of bodywork, which was offered in three variants, namely sedan, coupe and convertible. This again was identical to the Type L.

The difference was in the style of the car body, which was more boxy and conventional. Evidently, it was believed that the Type L did not work because of the rounded design of the car bodies.

The Type G received little success and production ceased prematurely in 1927.

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