Anadol A2 was both Anadol's first 4-door model, and the first fiberglass 4-door sedan in the world.

Its prototype was prepared in 1969 and the car was introduced to the market in 1970.

Apart from having 4 doors and a single wide front seat for both the driver and the passenger, the first versions of the A2 shared the same technical specifications with the A1. Starting from April 1972, the front part of the A2 received the same changes that the A1 received that year (including the new nose, front grille and headlamps) and this design went on until the end of 1975.

In 1976 a new version of the A2, the SL, was introduced. The biggest changes in the exterior appearance of the car were made in the front and the back, with new lamps. Particularly the rear lamps had a completely new appearance. The interior was also completely changed, with a new steering wheel, new dashboard and new finishing materials.

The A2 was also the first Anadol model which received extensive crash tests in order to improve the safety of the car.

Since the A2 was primarily designed as a family sedan, and was also suitable for commercial uses, it became the best selling Anadol passenger car, with a total of 35,668 units sold. The A2 was replaced by the A8-16 in 1981.

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