The Andrea Moda S921 was a Formula One car designed by Simtek and used by the Andrea Moda Formula team in the 1992 Formula One season.

It was driven by the experienced Brazilian Roberto Moreno and Englishman Perry McCarthy. The S921 used the Judd GV V10 engine. The plans for the car had been purchased from Nick Wirth's Simtek Research, who had originally designed the machine in 1990 for BMW’s proposed entry into Formula 1. The design was then revived and updated; two chassis were built for Moreno and McCarthy.

The car was highly unsuccessful and its best result was at the 1992 Monaco Grand Prix; Moreno managed to get through the Friday pre-qualifying session, and then qualifed in 26th place for the race. He managed 11 laps, reaching as high as 19th place before retiring with engine failure.

The team was expelled from the championship after team owner Andrea Sassetti was arrested at Spa for financial irregularities. The team did still turn up at Monza for the next Grand Prix but was banned from entering the paddock. The team finished last in the constructors championship, with no points.