The Armstrong Siddeley 15HP was produced between 1927 and 1934, with a total of 7,203 vehicles being produced (which includes the 15/16).

The 15HP was first introduced in 1927 and was continued in production until 1934 when it was replaced by the 17HP. The six cylinder 1900cc engine had a bore/stroke of 63.5mm x 101mm. The speed range in top gear was from 5 mph to 50 mph with a fuel consumption of 24mpg.

The chassis was similar to the 14HP with a wheelbase of 9' 6", a track of 4' 8" and an overall length of 13' 2". This was priced at £270.

Power output was increased in 1930 along with a new chassis. A four speed preselector gearbox at an extra cost of £40 was an option to the standard three speed normal gearbox.

1931 saw the introduction of the famous V-Radiator. A Short 15 vehicle with a wheelbase of 9' 1" was introduced and the normal 15 wheelbase was increased by 1" to 9' 7". The three speed preselector gearbox was now standard on the Short 15 and the four speed preselector gearbox was now fitted as standard to the normal 15.

In 1932 a normal belt driven fan was fitted to replace the flywheel and the engine bonnet was now fitted with vertical louvers added to assist cooling. The engine capacity was increased by lengthening the stroke to 114mm and the car was then known as the 15/40. The top speed now exceeded 60 mph.

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