The Armstrong Siddeley 16HP was a car made between 1938 and 1940 with a total of 950 cars being produced.

The Armstrong Siddeley 16HP was announced to be released in September 1938 as an entirely new model. It had an engine with a capacity of 1909cc (bore 65mm x stroke 100mm). The shape of the combustion chambers was evolved from aero experience with the overhead valves having unusually long guides. The seats were carefully separated from the adjoining walls, thus providing free water spacing all round. The valve ports were also completely separated and were also water cooled. The car had a maximum speed of 70 mph with a fuel consumption of 25mpg.

The chassis was of the sealed floor fume-proof type with the body bolted to the frame. This made a special box section that gave rigidity and lightness. It had reverse cambered suspension that gave an easy ride with maximum stability, self compensating adjustable brakes, automatic chassis lubrication and a quick filling petrol tank with a reserve tap.

There was only one wheelbase of 9' 3". Two body types were available, these were the Coach Saloon and the Touring Saloon that both cost £380. Colour schemes were of black, green, grey, fawn or red.

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