The 20/25 was produced between 1936 and 1940, with a total production of 884 vehicles.

Engine: 6 cylinder, 3670cc, 20HP & 25HPStyles: Tourer, Saloon, Atalanta Sports Saloon, Limousine, LandauletteTransmission

This model, introduced in 1937 was almost assuming the mantle of the Siddeley Special which by that time was nearing the end of its production run but this car was an entirely new model and was aimed at giving a comparable performance to the American cars of its day.

It featured a 3.7 litre engine with pushrod overhead valves producing 85 bhp and able to easily cope with the almost 2 tons of bodywork. Carburation was by horizontal S.U. the dynamo and fan were belt driven, the flywheel was enclosed and a single plate clutch was used in conjunction with the preselector gearbox (which was separately mounted) to drive the back axle.

The chassis was box section with semi-eliptic springs all round. A harmonic stabiliser bumper was fitted at the front. Two wheel lengths (10' 3" & 10' 11") were available and there was a choice of disc or wire wheels.

The Cyril Siddeley styled Atalanta Sports Saloon could comfortably top the 80 mph mark.

Customers included the Danish Royal Family and Neville Chamberlain who became British Prime Minister in 1937.

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