The Arola Minoto used the same name and body shape as an earlier prototype microcar from Bel Motors International, a short-live offshoot of the Bellier microcar company.

The Minoto name is a pun derived from the terms "miniature" and "automobile" as expressed in French language. Aside from taking its predecessors name and shape, the Arola Minoto was completely different, with a molded, self-supporting bodyshell of polyester.

The Minoto was powered by a 50 cc engine, either by Motobécane or Peugeot. Later, a Lombardini Diesel with 325 cc (20 cu in) was added. Much more conventional in design than other Arolas, its dimensions were: Length 79.92 in (2,030 mm) width 51.18 in (1,300 mm) and weight 447.54 lb (203.00 kg).

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