The Arola Model 18 is a microcar that was introduced in 1981.

It is somewhat larger and has an even more squarish shape than its predecessors. Above all, it is built on an innovative concept with an aluminum-reinforced polyester floor, and a body constructed of an aluminum structure that carrys the polyester body panels. There were four engines to choose: Three 50 cc by BCB, Motobécane or Peugeot, and a 125 cc BCB which gave the vehicle a top speed of 40 mph (ca. 65 km/h).

The Model 18S was a little bit more sophisticated and had amenities like a clock. The Model 18 was 78.47 in. (2000 mm) long, had a width of 49.21 in (1,250 mm) and weighed in at lb 418.88 pounds (190 kg).

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