The Arrows A4 was the car which the Arrows Formula One team used to compete in the 1982 Formula One season.

It made ​​its debut at the 1982 South African Grand Prix driven by Brian Henton and Mauro Baldi. They failed to qualify for the race.

The car was designed by Dave Wass and the engine was a 3.0 DFV Ford Cosworth engine, mounted in a monocoque aluminum chassis. The cars came quipped with a Hewland FGA400 gearbox and Pirelli tyres.

The cars were not particularly brilliant on the track.

The cars races in 15 races during the 1982 season, where they received 5 points for a fifth place result (Canadian GP) with Marc Surer and three sixth place finishes, two with Mauro Baldi and one still Surer.

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