Ashes to Ashes is set in the early 1980s, in London. It's a time of royal weddings, the Brixton riots, new romantics and strange gadgets such as video players and home computers - even Hunt has joined the digital age with an enormous PC on his desk on which he plays Pong. Big perms, white leather jackets and shoulder pads are only the half of it though, and although a few years on from Life On Mars Gene Hunt's attitudes don't seem to have changed that much.

Cars have though and for Ashes To Ashes he has abandoned his Cortina and drives a bright red Audi Quattro. A surprising choice, considering you might expect Hunt to be seen in something like a Rover SD1. But as with Life On Mars, the show has a fine eye for period detail. OK, there's some artistic licence - the car on film dates from a later period of Quattro production and the idea of a working copper driving a super exotic and expensive car like that is stretching credibility.

And if you were in a position to chase down '80s scum and villainy there could be few cars more suited to the job. The Quattro's pioneering four-wheel drive chassis and throbbing 200bhp turbocharged engine were unbelievably high tech at the time. Say what you like about '80s style turbo lag and the infamous nose-heavy Audi handling, few cars of the period would stand a chance against a hard charging Quattro, especially one with Gene Hunt at the wheel. No wonder then that the trailer showing Hunt bellowing "fire up the Quattro!" has given Ashes To Ashes its first catchphrase.

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