Ashley 750 - 39 GTM @ Clacton-on-Sea

Ashley 750 @ Clacton-on-Sea 2013

The Ashley 750 was a car manufactured by British kit car manufacturer Ashley Laminates in the 1950s.

The car was based on the short chassis (wheelbase: 1905 mm) and 747cc engine of the Austin 7. A version with a longer wheelbase of 2057 mm was later offered.

Both carried the same price: £78 for the shell and £25 for the hard top.

The early hardtops featured gullwing doors, but it is believed that none have survived, after that the body was built with "suicide doors" before being modified to front hinged doors.

When Peter Pallendine, co-founder of Ashley, left the company in 1956, he took the rights to build the short wheelbase version, while Ashley only manufactured the long version.

There are still quite a number of these Ashleys existing and registered for road use, and the stories of some of these can be found at this website.


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