1962 Ashley Sportiva 6999MU

1962 Ashley Sportiva 6999 MU at the Fallow Buck Hotel, Enfield.

The Ashley Sportiva was a kit car produced between 1961 and 1962.

It was Ashley's attempt at a Grand Tourismo car. It was very pretty for it's day (and still is), it takes most of its styling cues from its sister the 1172

Based initially on the 1172, the Sportiva used the 7' 10" Ford Prefect chassis. 

Later Sportivas used the Ashley MkIV chassis. In both cases the power came from the 1172cc Ford side valve engine, although other engines could and were used. 

The Sportiva was also available in convertible form, although they are very rare. The pretty bodywork was made using GRP.

Production was short lived but some panels were available for a time after production ceased. 

There are still quiet a number of these Ashley Sportiva's existing and registered for road use, the stories of some of these can be found at this website.


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