Ashley Sports Racer

Ashley Sports Racer 2013 (Ford based)

The Ashley Sports Racer was a car built by the British car manufacturer Ashley Laminates, which was active from 1955 to 1962.

The Sports Racer was introduced shortly after the 750. It costed £90 and was made to accommodate wheelbases from 2108 mm to 2210 mm.

As the name suggests, the car was meant for racing rather than everyday road use. The body could be mated to an Elva chassis, and a number of contemporary racecars used it.

The Sports Racer was only produced by Ashley Laminates from early until late 1956, it was then produced by Falcon Shell's, another company set up by one of the Ashley partners (Peter Pellandine) when he split with Ashley Laminates to form his own company.

As part of the split it was agreed that he had the rights to the short wheebase Ashley 750 and the Sports Racer, which became the Falcon Mk1 & Mk2.

Ashley Laminates (Keith Waddington) retained the Ashley 750 long wheelbase, and later produced the Ashley 1172 and Sportiva.

There are still a few of the Ashley Sports Racers existing, and some are registered for road use, the stories of some of these can be found at this website.