The Aston Martin 2-litre Speed Models were racecars built between 1936 and 1940.

Following on from the disappointment over the aborted 1936 Le Mans race, 23 of the 25 chassis from 1936 eventually became Speed Models. Delivery was spread over the following 4 years

Type A

The Type A was a model which was a 2 or 4-seater which had bodywork by E Bertelli Ltd.

Type B

The Type B were chassis finished as two-seaters by Abbey Coachworks and were really quite sporting in appearance, if a little dated for their time.

Type C

The Type C was quick with a genuine 100 mph available and one was timed at 112 mph at Brooklands (with some modifications).

To some, the Type C, is ugly but the rear coachwork is a work of art. Most were bodied by Aston Martin themselves. Unfortunately with the ever threat of war with Nazi Germany they were slow to sell, the last car was finally found a new owner just prior to Christmas 1940.

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