The Aston Martin A1 is a prototype car that was built in 1915.

The very first Aston Martin car was known as Coal Scuttle (or A1 as its chassis number depicts) due to its resemblance to what would have been a common item in most households at the time. It was registered in 1915 with the registration number AM4656. It remained the only Aston Martin in existence until a second car was finished in about 1920, due to the Great War getting in the middle of things.

The car was a 2-seater with a sporting body. The engine was a 1389cc 4-cylinder side-value unit and was built for Bamford and Martin by the Coventry Simplex company.

The car was last registered for the road in 1928 and has not been seen since, it is presumed that the car has since been lost forever.

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