The Aston Martin First Series was a car produced by Aston Martin between 1927 and 1932. In the 5 year production run, 129 cars were made.

The car was first launched at the 1927 Motor Show. Some changes were made on the production model such as the adoption of a dry-sump lubrication system. This means that the engine could be lower in the chassis and this created an even lower bonnet line.

The engine was a new design with overhead camshafts and Ricardo-style wedge shaped combustion chambers to help give more efficient burning of fuel. The camshaft was driven by gears and a chain, it was also detachable. Cool water was circulated by a pump which passed the water through the cylinder head. Fuel was pumped by a pair of Autopulse electric pumps to twin SU carburetors.

The engine was a four cylinder unit with a bore of 69.3mm. This gave a capacity of 1494cc, the engine produced 56hp. The four speed gearbox was a separate from the engine and the drive was continued along a torque tube to the rear axle which was fully-floating.

The chassis came in three sizes. These were 8ft 6in, 9ft 6in and 9ft 10in long. The cars weighed around 2016lb (915kg). There were brakes on all four wheels and semi-elliptical springs on all four corners of the chassis.

The cars cost £598 in 1928.

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