The Aston Martin International Le Mans was a car made by Aston Martin between 1932 and 1933, approximately 104 cars were made.

The 'New International' showed signs of cost consciousness with many parts which were previously being made in-house, now being bough in from elsewhere.

The engine was a 4 cylinder unit with a bore of 69.3mm. This gave the cylinders a capacity of 1491cc and with an overhead camshaft it was able to produce 60hp in the International and 70hp in the Le Mans bodied car.

The cars had a single plate clutch connected to a four speed gearbox. The brakes were cable operated and the car has semi-elliptical spring suspension all round.

The Le Mans wheelbase was 8ft 6in and the touring wheelbase was 10ft long. The cars weighed 2128lb (966kg) and had a top speed of 80mph (129kmh). The Le Mans had a top speed of 85mph (137kmh).

The standard car cost £475 and the Le Mans bodied car cost £595 when new.

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