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1934 Aston Martin Mark II Long Chassis Tourer

The Aston Martin Mark II was a car manufactured by Aston Martin between 1934 and 1935. 116 cars were made in this time.

The Mark II had thermostatically controlled radiator shutter opposed to the conventional wire mesh grille.

The engine had four cylinders and had a bore of 69.3mm giving a capacity of 1494cc. The engine had a single overhead camshaft and produced 73hp. The cars had a four speed gearbox and a single plate clutch. The cars had a top speed of 85mph (137kmh).

The brakes were cable operated in the front and mechanically controlled in the rear. The suspension composed of semi-elliptical springs on each corner of the chassis. The chassis was strengthened with deeper side-members and an additional cross-member. The chassis came in two sizes the shorted one that was 8ft 7in and the longer one which was 10ft long.

The body styles included a tourer, two-door saloon and a drophead coupe.

The cars cost £610 when new.

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